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This website was created to provide people like you an opportunity access various different recipes and cooking tips. Our collection has grown to over 250 articles. The content is super simple to access, and provides a great way to bring a lot of joy to you, your family, and your friends

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Our mobile friendly website makes it fun and easy to browse and read the hundreds of recipes available on your tablet or your phone while you cook

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Delicious food is meant to be enjoyed and the best people to enjoy it with is family. Next time you cook a meal, impress your family with a delicious new dish that no one has had yet

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Nothing sparks conversation better than delicious food. Make your friends a little jealous as you show off your new culinary skills

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Cooking for others is a lot of fun, but you deserve to treat yourself to something special too. Start by making yourself some delicious meals that you can take to work for lunch or for a movie night at home
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Our full recipe list is for members only, but here's a short list of the recipes and articles available:
  • 12 Ways to Make Deviled Eggs
  • 20 Minute Tuna Casserole
  • 5 Bean Salad
  • 5 Distinct Flavors for Lamb
  • 6 Glazes for Ham
  • Agua Fresca de Sandia (Watermelon Drink)
  • Antipasto Salad
  • Apple Barley Pudding
  • Apple Butter French Toast Recipe
  • Apple Cinnamon Sparkler
  • Apple Latkes
  • Applesauce Banana Bread
  • Asian Turkey Meatballs
  • Australian Coleslaw
  • Beef and Salsa Casserole
  • Beef Arbuckle Salad
  • 10 Cool Snacks for Kids
  • 5 Marinades for Veggies
  • 10 Healthy Heart Foods
  • Avocados Are Not Only For Guacamole
  • Fresh vs. Frozen Fish
  • How to Scale a Recipe
  • Making Gourmet Appetizers on a Budget
  • Tips for grilling moist meats
  • Winter Foods To Warm Your Soul
  • Ways to Dry or Dehydrate Fruits and Veggies
  • Flavors for Homemade Ice Cream
  • There’s a Reuben for Everyone
  • Peaches – Not Just for Dessert
  • More to Chocolate Than Meets the Taste Buds
  • Making Homemade French Fries
  • Ways to make Summer Meals Quick & Easy
Recipes Ninja Gives You Helpful Articles on Cooking Related Skills Too!
As mentioned, you'll have access to more than just recipes. Our articles cover various different topics that will sharpen your cooking skills (yes, pun intended!). And you'll have access to helpful hints and tricks to give you a cutting* edge.
How to Scale a Recipe
What happens if you've got people coming of to your place and your favorite recipe is perfect for 4 people, but you need to feed 9? This article helps you work out the logisitics
Great Game Day Appetizers
You'll score big on game day by having the best food available while you and your friends watch your favorite team dominate
Alternatives to Easter Candy
Easter candy starts being stocked in stores at least 3 months before Easter comes around. Avoid the guilt of loading your kids up on tons of sugar and try one of our alternatives
Feed a Crowd on a Budget
You can serve lots of food without breaking your budget. We provide a nifty guide that helps you achieve this and come out looking like a clever host
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Take a look at these Shish Kebobs. They're super simple to make, they look gorgeous, and they've got an explosion of flavor. No sane person would choose to eat a fast-food hamburger over one of these

You, your friends, and your family are all going to eat today. But you have a choice between shoving garbage into your mouths or savoring the taste of something special. Delicious Recipes provides you with what you need to make a savory dish that no one will forget
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